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Regenerate body & soul


Our swimming pool and indoor and outdoor whirlpools allow one to either do some exercise or take it easy.

Let us refresh you with various teas, chilled lemon water, fresh fruit and comfy lounge chairs next to the pool fountain. Take a dip and spend wonderful moments in our hotel with SPA in Corvara.

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Have time to breathe


Our Finnish sauna provides dry heat (80-110°),
low humidity and a pleasant feeling of overall relaxation with positive effects on your physical
and mental well-being. 
Your immune system is strengthened
and defense forces mobilized.

*For security reasons, access to our sauna area is for adults only.

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The high humidity of our Turkish bath creates a very relaxing climate. In the Turkish bath, the cardiovascular system will be stimulated, pains will disappear,
dilation of blood vessels will be promoted and skin will be thoroughly cleansed - a beneficial increase in your psychophysical well being.

*For security reasons, access to our sauna area is for adults only.

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The Vitarium reaches a temperature of 60° C with a humidity of about 40%. In this comfort zone the symbiosis of beneficial and skillful natural elements
are acting. Strong heat, gently mild steam, stimulating aromas, minerals and trace elements, 100% pure essential oils, light showers and meditative, calming music ensures that your immune system is strengthened, your air passages are cleared and your body purged and detoxified. A feast for all the senses, our Vitarium helps you feel at ease and gives you
a new perspective to look at the world.

*For security reasons, access to our sauna area is for adults only.

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Relaxation zone

Upon entering our relaxation room, you'll be greeted by the scent of mountain hay. Mattresses of water
and curtained mattresses of hay await you and offer a precious opportunity to leave your stress behind and let your dreams take over!

Take some time for yourself: unwind and find your inner balance in our relaxation zone.

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In addition to our varied weekly program of guided hikes and tours both in Summer and Winter, our hotel offers a well-equipped gym. 

Activities abound inside and outside our property!

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