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Facial treatments

"Life is like a mirror. Look at it with a frown and you will get the same response. Smile and it smiles back!"


This treatment soothes irritation and redness. Designed for the most sensitive skins with widespread redness due to climatic changes. The skin regains its balance.

Duration: ca. 50 min. price: € 72,00


Personalized treatment that includes cleansing, peeling, squeezing, ampoule, massage, mask and final lotion. It offers a gentle and deep skin cleansing with the application of herbal detoxifying tablets, rich plant extracts and algae masks that drain and re-mineralize the tissues. 

price: € 89,00

For Man

Behandlung mit erfrischender und regenerierender Wirkung, speziell für Männerhaut konzipierte Produkte mit angenehmen Gerüchen und Texturen

price: € 73,00


Hydration is the key to maintain healthy and supple skin, preventing the early signs of aging.
The intensive treatment provides an immediate and lasting moisturizing effect for dry skin. 

Duration: ca. 80 min. price: € 94

St. Barth Pureness

Luxuriate in an exceptionally gentle treatment of face and décolleté. The high quality botanical based products with natural vitamin and mineral sources have an intensive cleansing effect and stimulate the skin’s natural functioning.
The skin takes on a clear, smooth and fresh appearance.

Duration: ca. 55 min price: € 79


Intensive treatment that smoothes, hydrates and soothes the eye area. Clear traces of stress and fatigue, puffiness and dark circles are significantly attenuated.

Duration: ca. 40 min. price: € 49,00

Breast and Décollete´

Nourishing and active components, firming and toning combined with the strenght of a “peel off” mask with cold tensor effect. It gives a new tone and firmness to the breast.

price: € 39,00

Prodige des Oceans Face Ritual

Sophisticated treatment where innovation and competence come together to contour and rejuvenate the face. Wrinkles will appear smoother and the skin impeccable and bright.

price: € 130,00

Silicon Super Face Lift

This THALGO therapy is specific to smooth and correct deep wrinkles. The Silicon Super Face Lift includes a high-efficacy anti-wrinkle massage, plus a double enlightening wrinkle-eraser face-mask.

price: € 104,00

Collagene Hyaluronique

Intensive anti-aging that can be personally adjusted according to different types of skin.
It restores radiance and tone with a face lifting effect.  


Duration: ca. 85 min. price: € 118

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