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Treat yourself to a heavenly massage with essential oils, alpine herbs or even chocolate.
Experience the sensation of pure relaxation in our wellness area. 

Resonance Massage

Resonance and vibrations are at the heart of this therapy. With this massage liquids are gently moved dissolving energy blockages, eliminating toxins and giving balance to the body and making it more toned. It includes an exfoliation with papaya enzyme, a seaweed bath, cupping and massage with Tibetian singing bowls. ca. 80 min. Euro 95,00

Duration: ca. 80 min. price: € 95

Cristallo Massage

Relaxing and rejuvenating massage inspired by various techniques of energy balance through the stimulation
of the reflex points of face, hands and feet for an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Duration: ca. 50 min. price: € 73

Honey Massage

Honey Massage Honey, a gift of nature, is a natural antibiotic for our body and our skin.
This particular massage for the back has a strong detoxification and stress relieving effect.
It gives skin a sensation of smoothness and purification.

Duration: ca. 40 min. price: € 62

St. Barth Harmony Massage

A relaxing, gentle body massage with intensive care products. Choose a pure, slightly warmed coconut oil for intensive conditioning
of especially dry skin, cold-pressed avocado oil to support the functioning of particularly delicate skin or ivy gel
and menthol oil for strengthening tissue and skin layers.

Duration: ca. 55 min. price: € 72

St. Barth Slimness Massage

For rapid relief and relaxation of swollen legs. The ivy gel releases blockages and drains excess water while strengthening
the veins and stimulating the lymphatic system. Menthol and camphor promote micro-circulation, refresh and revitalize.

Duration: ca. 55 min. price: € 69
Duration: ca. 85 min. price: € 97

Bamboo massage

This massage uses real bamboo sticks to provide deep tissue massage and improved skin texture.
Oil and milk work with the bamboo to revitalize face and body for an overall effect of absolute well-being. 

Duration: ca. 55 min. price: € 95
with a scrub with bamboo oil, duration: ca. 80 min. price: € 118

Hot Stone Massage

An enveloping massage with hot oil, essences and Baltic stones for an effect of energy and rebalance.
The heat released by the basalt stones relaxes the muscles and stimulates circulation infusing strength
and vitality to the whole body. Deeply relaxing heat spreads a feeling of inner calm throughout the body.

Duration: ca. 50 min. price: € 75
Duration: ca. 80 min. price: € 97

Stamp massage with alpine herbs

Circular motion with heated pouches of alpine herbs promotes well-being and stimulates metabolism.
The heat helps to ease muscle tension and alpine herbs work to increase energy, balance and vitality.

Duration: ca. 50 min. price: € 72,00

Hot Chocolate

A sweet temptation of wellness for your body and mind through the use of heated extract of cocoa. The aroma of chocolate restores positive energy and stimulates good mood. 

ca. 40 min. price: € 62,00
ca. 25 min. price: € 35,00

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