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Best Cosmetic lines

Our wellness and spa hotel in the Dolomites offers a wide range of health and beauty treatments, which are supported
by various cosmetic lines. The top quality of the products ensures a high level of satisfaction and will bring a smile
to every face during holidays with SPA treatments in the Italian alps.

Cristallo SPA

A luxurious line with an elegant scent.

The unique products of our own cosmetics line "Cristallo SPA" penetrate the deepest layers of the face and body's skin to firm
and strengthen by utilizing oxygen obtained from the rock crystal of the Dolomites. Our exclusive product line increases microcirculation
and promotes cell turnover to help recover energy and rejuvenate for an overall anti-aging effect.

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Cristallo Massage

Relaxing and rejuvenating massage inspired by various techniques of energy balance through the stimulation
of the reflex points of face, hands and feet for an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Duration: ca. 50 min. price: € 73

Crystal Peeling

Crystal powder peeling to encourage cell renewal. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and luminous thanks to the deep oxygenation of the tissue. 

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 37


  • Facial treatment Cristallo
  • Cristallo massage
  • Evening primrose oil pack
price: € 175

Crystal Oxygenating

 The exclusive SPA line Crystal is an exclusive line of personalized products based on ozone. It consists of oxygen molecules
specially created to encourage skin oxygenation and stimulate cellular rejuvenation through microcirculation to strengthen skin.  


Duration: ca. 50 min. price: € 79

St. Barth

Natural active and exotic ingredients from Caribbean plants are the heart of the ST. BARTH cosmetic line.

Healing benefits and valuable features of these special plants have been transmitted for generations by natives of the Caribbean,
the Arawaks. Through their elixirs and spa treatments we're able to transport you to a world of pure Caribbean relaxation.
Exotic oils and fragrances caress your soul and pamper your senses.

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St. Barth Pureness

Luxuriate in an exceptionally gentle treatment of face and décolleté. The high quality botanical based products with natural vitamin and mineral sources have an intensive cleansing effect and stimulate the skin’s natural functioning.
The skin takes on a clear, smooth and fresh appearance.

Duration: ca. 55 min price: € 79

St. Barth Slimness Massage

For rapid relief and relaxation of swollen legs. The ivy gel releases blockages and drains excess water while strengthening
the veins and stimulating the lymphatic system. Menthol and camphor promote micro-circulation, refresh and revitalize.

Duration: ca. 55 min. price: € 69
Duration: ca. 85 min. price: € 97

St. Barth Softness

Relaxing peeling massage for velvety soft and smooth skin. The fruit enzymes in fresh papaya and a special sea-sand polish complex
enriched with minerals remove dead skin cells. Pure coconut oil provides lasting care for the skin while pampering it with valuable nutrients. 

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 42,00

St. Barth Harmony Massage

A relaxing, gentle body massage with intensive care products. Choose a pure, slightly warmed coconut oil for intensive conditioning
of especially dry skin, cold-pressed avocado oil to support the functioning of particularly delicate skin or ivy gel
and menthol oil for strengthening tissue and skin layers.

Duration: ca. 55 min. price: € 72

St. Barth Sensation body mask

The pampering body mask provides the skin with an intensive moisture boost and is a pleasure for all the senses. The creamy,
silky mask is gently applied to your entire body to supply your skin with intensive nutrients and lipids from high quality plants oils
with a scent of bourbon vanilla, delicate tiaré flowers or exotic lily. Your entire skin takes on a visibility improved appearance 
and velvety smooth texture.

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 59,00
Duration: ca. 55 min. price: € 79,00

St. Barth Elasticity body mask

Intensive body care to improve the appearance of the skin with valuable minerals and vitamins as natural components of clay and fresh pineapple or cucumber mousse. Ivy, menthol and camphor activate and strengthen body tissue while cold-pressed avocado oil supplies important nutrients. The result is visibly smoother and tighter skin.

Duration: ca. 55 min. price: € 89


Sensual and sophisticated textures and an elegant flair describe the Sothys cosmetic line.

The intense body and facial treatment of this cosmetic line are based on  highly effective care products that are manufactured according to safety regulations and quality standards. The vast array of products work to stimulate your senses, increase well-being and enhance beauty.

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Hydration is the key to maintain healthy and supple skin, preventing the early signs of aging.
The intensive treatment provides an immediate and lasting moisturizing effect for dry skin. 

Duration: ca. 80 min. price: € 94

Collagene Hyaluronique

Intensive anti-aging that can be personally adjusted according to different types of skin.
It restores radiance and tone with a face lifting effect.  


Duration: ca. 85 min. price: € 118


This treatment soothes irritation and redness. Designed for the most sensitive skins with widespread redness due to climatic changes. The skin regains its balance.

Duration: ca. 50 min. price: € 72,00


Intensive treatment that smoothes, hydrates and soothes the eye area. Clear traces of stress and fatigue, puffiness and dark circles are significantly attenuated.

Duration: ca. 40 min. price: € 49,00


Effective – pure– natural! This is what characterizes the South Tyrolean cosmetic line by Josefph Dr. Vitalis.

The highly effective natural South Tyrolean products and cosmetics are based on genuine, specially selected ingredients and contain active ingredients of blueberries, rose hips and healing berries. The focus of the company’s philosophy is to provide holistic beauty treatments
that benefit all of us.

Discover our treatments

Resonance Massage

Resonance and vibrations are at the heart of this therapy. With this massage liquids are gently moved dissolving energy blockages, eliminating toxins and giving balance to the body and making it more toned. It includes an exfoliation with papaya enzyme, a seaweed bath, cupping and massage with Tibetian singing bowls. ca. 80 min. Euro 95,00

Duration: ca. 80 min. price: € 95

Stamp massage with alpine herbs

Circular motion with heated pouches of alpine herbs promotes well-being and stimulates metabolism.
The heat helps to ease muscle tension and alpine herbs work to increase energy, balance and vitality.

Duration: ca. 50 min. price: € 72,00

Hay Peeling

Light peeling with micro-granules of pure hay enriched with pure pink salt crystals give a clean, clear and bright look.
Designed for the most sensitive skin. 

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 39

Hay and juniper Wrap

Our hay, from “Passo delle Erbe”, is rich in aromatic herbs and flowers. It stimulates circulation, cleanses and detoxifies the body,
gives strength to the immune and nervous systems and removes muscle fatigue.

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 43

Thyme and stone pine Wrap

Wild thyme in combination with pine stimulates circulation and cell renewal while strengthening the nerves, favouring breathing
and detoxifying the body.

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 43

Algae Wrap

Algae are rich in protein and minerals: they stimulate circulation, drain and detoxify the body through the skin.
Vitamin C and iodine accelerate the production of collagen in the tissues and are particularly effective against adipose accumulation. 
An ideal treatment for a lean and toned body. 

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 43

Mud Wrap

The pure sea mud of volcanic origin from the depths of the dead sea decreases pain, strengthens the immune system
and relieves muscle tension and alleviates pain. 

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 43

Mud and alpine mountain pine Wrap

Mountain pine, in combination with natural sediments, promotes detoxification through the skin. It also has a toning and strengthening action, giving the skin a beautiful and healthy aspect.

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 43

Enothera oil Wrap

A particular beauty pack. It provides intensive skin care, moisturizing the skin and giving it a glow of overall smoothness. 

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 43

Apple and dog rose Wrap

This pack is rich in vitamins, minerals and natural acids: ideal for the treatment and the hydration of mature skin.

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 43

Grapeseed and sea buckthorn Wrap

A vitamin cocktail for overall health and protection of the skin, it gives new elasticity, tone and brightness. A true anti-aging therapy.

Duration: ca. 25 min. price: € 43,00

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