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Katharina Lanz

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Katharina Lanz was born in Badia Valley in 1771, and was Ladin.
We remember her today as a Tyrolean patriot and leader of the popular resistance against the French occupation.
She is considered the Tyrolean “Joan of Arc”.

She was a ladin native speaker, so at the age of 25 she moved to Spinga, near Bressanone, to learn the German language. It was during this stay, that the Bavarian-Napoleonic troops invaded the County of Tyrol.
In 1797 Katharina fought for the defence of his valley. The mayor of the county wrote: "Someone has seen here, among others, a country girl from Spinga, who, standing on the cemetery wall, armed only with a pitchfork, was warding off the enemies who were launching an attack”.
She became the symbol of the Tyrolean struggle for freedom.
After her fight, Katharina returned in Ladinia, and for a few years no one was aware of her history. Sometime later, someone found some documents where she was mentioned. At the end of her life, she has been buried with military honours.

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