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“Ganes” is a music band formed by the sisters Elisabeth and Marlene Schuen and their cousin Maria Moling.
They come from La Val in the Dolomites and all three are Ladin.

Marlene studied violin and jazz singing, Elisabeth graduated as an opera singer and plays violin as well, and Maria studied music at the Carinthian Conservatory in Klagenfurt.
In 2009 Ganes have been working on their first album “Rai de Soredl” ("Sunbeam"), recorded in January 2010 and published in May 2010, which containes songs in Ladin.
The instrumentation of the band initially consisted in a guitar, two violins and piano. On their second album “May guai” ("No problems") they added also percussion sounds and drum machine.
In 2011, Ganes worked together with the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg.
In 2012 the CD "Parores & Neores" appeared as a double album. To the gloomy and evocativ Ladin titles, they added some English versions and radio edits.
The fourth studio album by Ganes appeared in 2014 under the title “Caprize”. Again, the lyrics were written mostly in Ladin, but with an English version of "Bang Bang” included. 
In "Caprize" Ganes synchronized sensual, emotional or ironic type of feelings (despair, death, secureness, nostalgia, playful love,…) with imaginative and unconventional sound patterns.

In Fall 2014 Ganes have been on tour with Caprize through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy. They have already given more than 300 concerts in several countries and now live between Munich, Berlin, Vorarlberg and La Val.
The characteristic of Ganes, unique ladin pop-band, is the 3-voices choralism and their songs are composed and arranged by themselves.

They collaborate with Carolina Kostner for the music video of their song " Nëi ".

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