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The stone pine wood

The stone pine wood and its famous and proven benefits


Many of our rooms and suites are furnished with stone pine wood.

The calming influence of the stone pine wood has been known since ancient times. Recent studies have shown scientifically that breathing the perfumed fragrance arising from the pinewood, significantly improves the quality of sleep, relaxes and promotes physical and psychological recovery in situations of weariness and stress.

The pinewood grows predominantly in the uncontaminated nature above 1,500 meters and needs more than 500 years to reach its full maturity, growing within itself a valuable source of wellbeing. The beneficial effects of pinewood remain unaltered over time.

The effects:
•  reduces the heart rate in the presence of physical or psychological stress
•  during the subsequent relaxation phases, the vegetative recovery process is accelerated
•  the sensitivity of the heartbeat to weather conditions is canceled
•  after having stayed in the room or slept in the bed, the examinees felt more outgoing/extrovert, open and talkative compared to a night in the room with laminate.


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